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Designed and tested by veterans from nearly every branch of the United States Armed Forces, our OTF knives and AR500 steel targets are the toughest tactical gear you will ever own. Guaranteed.

About KRATE Tactical
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Customer Reviews

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Performs as Advertised, High Quality!

This target has seen a ton of 22lr, as well as .308 and .223 rounds. Even from 50 yards .223 does no damage. It will hold up to many thousands of rounds IMO. The laser cuts are very clean. I think these targets are a good value, with clean cuts and a good heat treat / hardness. Definitely recommended.

Outdoor Nut
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Practice makes perfect.

The first time I shot steel was in the military. The clanging sound it made gave me instant gratification. We had courses set up that not only improved our accuracy but our speed as well. Pistols were always shot at 25+ yds and rifle at 100+ yds. I shot thousands of rounds through my rifle and my pistol on steel. You may find this hard to believe but I could hit a 12 inch steel target at 100 yds with my 9mm pistol. If you get steel to shoot you will not be disappointed.

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Buy with no worry!

This is as high quality as AR 500 can get. Cuts look great as well! I shot over 200 rounds of steel core AK ammo and 5.56 through my AR at 100 yards, then another 100 rounds of .45 and 9mm at 10 yards my first shoot and it literally isn't even scratched. No divots whatsoever. You could easily shoot these closer than 100 yards with no worry of damage.

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Surprisingly durable for the price

I was hesitant to buy one of these... but I’m glad I did. So far I’ve only used 9mm on it and my girlfriend was shooting her.22 and neither even scratched this thing. Could only barely tell where the .22 rounds hit and with the 9mm you can see the splatter of the projectile but otherwise no damage or pitting of any kind. Will definitely be buying more come spring.

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Top notch company and product

This is one of the best customer service experiences that I’ve had. I contacted them post-purchase to take them up on their generous veteran’s discount. I received a reply within minutes and the discount applied to my order. The product is just as described, if not better. Heavy and it holds up to the beating I’ve put it through, 7.62, 5.56, 6.5 Creedmoor, 9mm, and 30-06. It takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.


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